Angelic Workshop & Classes

My mission is to psychically examine your physical life or situation and help you to step back a little and see if from a different perspective. This will give you answers to those questions.

Within the hour session you will understand so much more about your life & why certain situations continue to keep happening.

This can be in relationships, maters of the heart, money matters, business & direction, anxiety which is when the spirit is too far out of the body, depression which is when the spirit is too deep within the emotional body & much more.



We all at times need clarity to understand what changes need to be make, nothing stays the same, and we must grow and evolve with each other. Sometimes we just need to find out what we really want, what are our needs.

When we understand the bigger picture and why these situations are happening in life and what it is you are mean to be learning, then you know the direction you need to head in. I will show you how to follow the energy, follow the energy of your soul. We must remember that our soul wants for you exactly what you want for you.