Reiki Practitioner / Teacher

Reiki means UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE. It is a hands on healing modality where the universal life force flows through your body as a channel and into the recipient. I am a Reiki Master and have been teaching Reiki since 1997. The essence of who I am flows through all my workshops.

Reiki balances energy, increases creativity, boosts vitality, releases stress, relaxes you and loosens the emotional body so that healing can take place. It expands awareness, amplifies energy, works on the causal level of dis-ease, and increases the life force in the physical body so it can heal itself - and much more.

The Usui system of natural healing

Energy Attunements = Empowerment

reiki symbol

Reiki teaches you symbols that are used to clear negative energy, magnify positive energy, ground you to Mother Earth and connect you to Universal Light. Reiki connects you to your light, sends healing to others, sends healing back in time, to a present situation and positive energy to the future. It heals you, while healing others.

These are some examples of what love and light can transform, if you only let them. At my Reiki Workshops, each student connects with their Reiki guide and, on completion, receives a Reiki Certificate.
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