Angelic Workshop & Classes

The Angelic Full Day Workshop has an option to continue working with the gifts that you'll open, while the Angelic Fortnightly Classes are run every two weeks - day and evenings available.

If you choose the Fortnightly Classes, you are asked to commit yourself to at least four sessions, giving you the opportunity to value and trust the information that spirit is channeling through for you.


These workshops and classes are designed for the student to learn about their Angelic Guide and how these Etheric beings communicate. You will experience their existence, what they look like, a name to call them by and begin the journey of working with them on a daily basis. You will learn to trust their guidance: anything from prompting you to find a parking bay to a deep inner trust and faith about a life choice. You will also learn how to read their messages via jewelry, flowers, cards, photos, energies and more. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you are always being helped. Daily Angelic guidance means decisions are made easily; the voice of doubt fades and allows you to drop into and trust your intuition, or to learn to trust the messages already being received by taking action.

You are being guided every step of the way, learn how to read and interpret that guidance.

Remember your 'best friend' is always by your side.